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Services to Meet Your Needs

Aquatic Art, Inc. offers a wide range of services depending on the level of involvement you desire. Whether you want to just enjoy the beauty, or learn the complex balance of life within your system, you choose the service plan that fits.

Professional Design and Installation

We specialize in the design and installation of marine systems. We help guide you through the selecting the location of the aquarium so it can be enjoyed to its fullest. The most popular location is in the family room since this is where we tend to "live". Whether freestanding or integrated, we can coordinate with your contractor and interior designer to select cabinetry compatible with your current décor. We use innovative manufacturers including Living Color Enterprises, Inc. for many of our systems. Businesses benefit from the relaxation that an aquarium can provide their customers. The type of system is catered to the type of organisms you would like to enjoy.

After the system has been agreed upon, we will schedule a day for the installation. Aquatic Art, Inc. will work around your schedule to make the process seamless. We professionally install every system and include an "owners manual" for each aquarium. This includes all warranty paperwork and the specifications of your system. We offer the first month of maintenance service free! We want your system to be successful from the very beginning.

Long-term Care and Maintenance

In addition to professional installations, we have a wide range of other services available. Maintenance on all systems is crucial for long-term success. We have different levels of maintenance service that ranges from complete care to occasional support. During our service calls we will perform the following steps to ensure your aquarium is thriving:

Other Professional Services

We also offer services that meet any additional needs:

Relax and Let Us Do the Work

We offer free estimates on any project or service you need.

Owning and operating a marine aquarium can be intimidating - our goal is to remove all anxiety and let our clients enjoy the tranquility of these unique marine environments.

Sit back, relax, and marvel in the beauty of your aquarium. We will do all the work!